Your personalized painting invites you into a piece of art that captures the vibrancy of your heart and soul. This is a piece created with intention for you to cherish and delight in as a stunning original in your home. It begins not with a specific image, but a journey into the wonder of YOU.

Together we will discuss your passions, inspirations, what moves you, your dreams, what you love, music and lyrics that move you, and other symbolism that permeates your life. This is an intuitive process that I will walk you through- don't be intimidated! I encourage you to come with an open heart and fluid ideas. Together we will develop your masterpiece, and you will find the process relaxing and enjoyable!

Your commission will begin with a 30% deposit, which is non refundable and is applied to the overall cost of your painting. The deposit covers the initial supplies and time needed to develop your piece. This custom painting can take between 1-6 months depending on size and what we discuss together.

You can choose between a custom sketch or an original oil painting on canvas.

Custom sketches are more organic, loosely rendered and on high quality paper.

Canvas oil paintings are a layered process that brings in mixed media, collage, texture, and even hidden layers that are like a little secret capsule tucked away that only you will know about. The finished piece will be such a delight knowing what was layered into it!

Custom sketches are priced in inches-

Appx 15x22: $330

Appx 20x24: $480

Appx 22x30: $660

Canvas Oil Paintings are as follows (in inches)

18x24: $1,296

24x30: $2,160

24x36: $2,592

30x40: $3,600

36x36: $3,888

36x48: $5,184

48x60: $8,640

I'm looking forward to getting to know you and creating your original artwork! Fill out this form to begin, and I will be in contact with you!